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Wireless Perimeter Protection System RDIF2-100

Wireless Outdoor Alarm - RADIODEVICE GSM ALARM Perimeter System

!140$ only!


 perimeter alarm, wireless ir infrared beam
yard protect by wireless infrared beams


This RADIODEVICE GSM ALARM Perimeter System will help you to protect your house, yard, water pool, garden, etc. from intruders.

We offer you an innovative wireless infrared beam perimeter alarm system that runs on battery and can be used for  your water pool, garden or an area adjacent to your house protection. It will warn you about intruder before he can reach and damage  your property. There is no need for cable-laying trench , or connecting wires by schematic diagram .

Our innovative technology makes it possible to use regular dry battery for infrared beam detector powering . It is much more reliable than solar powered systems because there is no need to clean solar panel from dust or worry about the sunlight presence, and there is also no need to worry about rechargeable battery at the cold weather. This system is wireless and, therefore, no cable-lying trench is  required and the sensors can be installed in a matter of minutes. If it will be necessary, you can relocate sensors wherever you want at any time. It really is that easy… and because there are no cables to run, it works out extremely cost-effective. An extremely high degree of immunity to false alarm is provided by the sophisticated dual-beam sensors. We use a processor for detect how long the beams is absent and how many beams are missed. The processor also controls battery level and sends alarm to the control panel when it the level is low.

Pay your attention: each manufacturer warns you - never put infrared beam under the sunlight! (You can find it in any user guide).

perimeter alarm

And in the same time they contradict themselves by telling you to put your sunlight powered infrared beam in direct sunlight! How will you combine this collision? We guarantee you that our detector will be working wherever you put it.

Our sensors can be connected to any alarm system which utilize PT2272 (2262) or SC2272 (2262) protocol. Pay your attention! If you don't know your system protocol or your sensors frequency - ask me before bidding! We prepare exclusive equipment  according with your requirements, or suggest a better solution. In our store you can find a receiver to connect the detectors to wired alarm system if you already use the one, or you can buy our GSM alarm system which will support these sensors.

The system works at the distance up to 100 meters:


home security wireless system, infrared beam defence system

the best way to locate it is on the example below, but you can also put it the other way you want

wireless perimeter alarm system, infrared beam alarm

Technical data:

Source carrier

Modulated impulse IR LED

Quantity of Alarm Beams


Distance between beams

The Beams can be mounted up to 100 meters apart

Time adjustment for pass blocking (have influence on detection sensitivity)

User selectable digital processing programmable time

Power Supply

Regular dry battery

Battery Type*

6LR61 (2pcs) for receiver and 6LR61 (2pcs) for emitter

Working time on the battery

12 month depends of battery quality

Allowable distance from barrier to control panel

Up to 150 meters on open area, depends of receiver sensitivity and antenna quality

Transmitter frequency

433 MHz (315 MHz by request)

Data encoding and transmission

Twelve bits PT2262 (SC2262) encoder, 4.7mOm (or other by request before order)

Working temperature

- 30° + 50° C

Weight 0.6 kG (without batteries)


infrared alarm wireless beam


Real photos:

infrared beam example mount

infrared beam in the bush

infrared beams mount on the legs



You will have to purchase 4 batteries like these for this wireless perimeter - Free Image Hosting


About us
We are manufacturers. We are not resellers, distributors or dealers. If there is any need, we will provide you the best  support . You can contact us by email or skype. We may give you installation process  online support when you will place the beams and align the equipment. We can give you recommendation considering equipments choice and make you a personal proposition for kits you will order. We make the personal listing of your order to reduce the shipment cost . We provide a 12-month guarantee on all our equipment.

full protect infrared beam system

If you interested in our wireless infrared perimeter system - please visit our ebay store:

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Feel free to ask me by email or skype. See our contacts form.